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I can tell you exactly why, not only has much heat come down on Imus--*and I am VERY glad*--but-why so many advertisers are pulling out: he is a boob. A real jerk. What is a jerk? A jerk is someone who delights in upsetting others, someone who is mean. Simply put, someone who is NOT nice.

And that so much opinion has shifted so fast, only proves that this was a latent tendency all along, or in the last few years, set like a trigger, simply only needing a catalyzing event. Hubris comes to roost.

I never understood his fame or his popularity. A real curmudgeon. He is negative, self centered, and full of it. I have watched him minutes at a time in the last year, on late night television, and have been at times fascinated at how this guy is so popular, and what it says about us! His is the sort of person who, like Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke as explained by Director Kevin Costner in the New York Times interview or on BRAVO's Inside The Actor's Studio with James Lipton was it--I cannot recall which it was, or similar to Humphrey Bogart, has assumed power by not acknowledging or approving of anyone, looking at his own toes, leaving other, lesser persons craving his attention because they so copiously refuse to lend any of it. Fascinating if you watch him do it--his major modus operendae.

And the rapidity of this fallout, with overlapping ownerships and business relations among advertisers, broadcasters, and big sponsors only underles or underscores the nepotism and cronyism of large media.

This is a big event, his undoing, because he A. deserves it, B. we have worshipped such an acerbic and caustic and destructive person, and, perhaps most important of all, C. large media has quickly perceived a chance to monetize his mishap, to their advantage, terminating contracts, pulling advertising dollars, and similar.

Now all we need to do is see if he is quickly snatched up by SIRIUS Satellite, for what would be, in the end, more money and more fame in a perhaps less regulated market embodying severe cultural decline, if not incipient ecological dissolution, in the last gold rush here in our country, where the hill is left barren afterwards, and all the minerals taken offshore for reinvestment elsewhere.



Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Sirius is too classy for Imus! Howard Stern is a model of decorum and taste: they'll never hire anyone like Imus.

I am somewhat surprised by all this fuss about Imus. It wasn't as bad as Michael Richards: his joke went a bit far for some tastes, but that's what radio dials are for.

However, I also don't agree with those saying that his freedom of speech is being curtailed. He is free to call black people whatever he wants, and the government can't do a thing about it. However, his employers can. If I were President of Duke and called the Duke women's basketball team a bunch of gansta-sucking hobags, I would and should get fired.

That Imus went to Al Sharpton, that racist nutball, is just beyond me. And when arguing with Al, he went beyond stupid and said "I don't know what YOU PEOPLE want." Imus, don't you know that when talking with a black person the words 'you' and 'people' must be at least seven words apart or else you will be instantly bashed. (And he was).

This is overall an interesting political and social phenomenon. It is also interesting that Howard Stern escaped unscathed. WHile he has a black co-host in Robin Quivers to act as a buffer to claims of racism, he has engaged in very racist and sexist radio in the past (nowadays he is more mellow and listenable, but in the late 80's and early 90's I just couldn't stomach Stern).

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Blogger transformation said...

thank you BDK. i hadnt heard one, single serious word about a Stern-Sirius deal, so you must be right.

i had heard about what was the Richards affair when it happened, but didn't know his name.

and, as you aptly suggest, as business owners, corporations can do what they want with their own 'media properties', much like a thoroughbred owner can horse trade to rearrange risk or in turn 'monetize assets'.

i didnt know about the specific 'you people' comment by Imus while he visited with the so called Rev Sharpton, but wouldnt put it past him. fyi, where i work, is an intercity store with an enormously diversified customer base, to the point that out of 1,000+ stores, the top executives of my company watch our store to see what it is all about, since it is so very unique.

and, mark my words, racism is equal or greater in some other categories, can be very, very trying.

there are individuals who come in gunning, and swinging--almost literally, and quickly seize upon me since i am an obviously college educated male of a certain pursuasion. i can handle it well, but i call it 'guilty until proven innocent', and for me alone cannot be individually responsible for 400 years of deep injustice by 'own people', but feel remorse all the same. a major life leason.

i forgot about Robin Quivers, as you remind. thank you.

lastly, it is also disturbing how some folks can go on and on about white folk, but cannot be discussed themselves, and is a most pernicious double standard--i.e. the fellow in the dread locks on utube who said he wanted to exterminnate all white folk.

it is not black or white or asians who lie, cheat, and steal, but humans generally.

nor is it men who cheat as women often say (ive known MANY women who cheat), but persons, do so, bifurcated only to male when women discuss it, and i for mine would never do such a thing, not even think it, nor anyone in my family.

such behaviors, i think, run not in persons but among 'families of origin.

warmly, dk

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