Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Why Don't They Just Swim? Globalism and Current Affairs: Sustainability"

Friends, I have struggled enormously with the subtleties of how to bifurcate this blog, so that I am discussing more than chess. This will principly remain a "chess improvment blog" but fyi, you will see other things start to be mixed in, in the weeks ahead. I love chess, or rather chess study, but my concerns are far large. It's just a question of "having time for it all".

Also, quantitative investing is something that I know very well, very technically-- if not literally having mastered it--and I notice that I do NOT want to write about it, or rather feel no need to. So the idea of making my blog very, very broad gives me a pause or gave me a pause due to that.
Most professional investors (and for sure there are exceptions) spend their time figuring out what to do and "making money" (my fellow left wingers, forgive me, but you know by now that I think that the stock market is the Shimmering Buddha Dharma, all 10,000 arms of good and evil, dancing the dance of birth and death), they are NOT worrying about what to say. For as Lao Tsu said 2400 years ago: "Those who say do not know. Those who know do not say". Think about that one! If a person knows how, they often don't stop to discuss it. At least in big money management.

And so the next thing. I just want you all to know that the American government has it all under control. "We the Mobils, by the Exxons, for the Duponts". There is no global warming--what, with record temperatures worldwide? This is just statistical noise. The melting Hymalyan glacers, source of most of the water for the worlds most populous civilizations (China and India) has no marginal impact on world public health.

And the polar bears, of what need of they for ice? "Why don't they just swim?" said Marie Antoinette-Transformation. The current administration has it all under control, and all we need do is elevate manufacturing, increase profits, build more cars, house, and missiles, and squeeze the workers to rest less, and make greater effort, as we pocket the difference to sequester the money off shore to invest in new Chinese manufacturing facilities or European luxury mountanin spas for Haliburton executives entertaining offshore in marketing and sales efforts.