Friday, September 08, 2006

Note to Yasser Seirawan

"Capital markets supersede politics, and unbridled power but an extension of the mobility of capital to seek it’s best return in a hyper liquid world of offshore manufacturing, cyber companies, and virtual persons in the form of call centers, all underwritten by major investment banks and measured by the nano cent by major property/casualty and health insurers, and underpinned by Davos Conference defense deals broadcast worldwide instantly as sanitized news by major media conglomerates careful to not offend Pepsi, or Nestle, with bleed ins by gangsta rappers with young Caucasian girls dappled across their arm fleeing mom and dad back in Kentucky and a narco war washed down by major brewers, sanctified by major religious establishment leaders just off from seeing their mistress behind closed doors.

Did I miss anything?"

David K, Thursday 07Sept06, email to Yaz
in response to his email about another friends comment about Keith Olbermann of MSN on President Bush, 9-11 and Al-Qaeda.