Wednesday, January 31, 2007

police brothel

…wearing the appropriate attire, they all retreated into the police station which, at this point, had become a brothel, and the vice chancellor and all his retinue rode small motor bikes to conserve effort, as they moved through the large discount pharmacy, in search of the ancient wise tribal chef tons. The Bhagavad-Gita was no longer read on the hallowed dates, instead consulting insurance tables, in upholding profit and statutory ratios, and seekers who wished to go beyond what was by then publicly available had to resort to kiosks, with large cardboard stand up photos of smiling NBA and NFL players, and push button consoles where for a small debit card transition fee, call center holly men and women specially trained in English accents, could read menu driven prompts, according to alphanumeric codes, prescribed at birth with genetic back testing, and read by small magnetic scanners to the chips embedded into the skin, not dissimilar to what is now done with cattle in large institutionalized agribusiness combines.