Saturday, June 02, 2012

Official Resident of the State of Oregon: Glass is Now Half Full

After a lot of reflection, preparation, weighing the advantages and disadvantages (they all have them!), then departure, 5,200 miles of driving the last eight weeks--first to New England then cross country and then get around, I am now a resident of The State of Oregon.

Seattle on paper always had a lot going for it, and I could really fan the fire, but maybe while not being overly polite to say it like it is as I will in short order, it is also time to move on.

I never really found the Seattle that is thought to exist.  If you asked anyone back east what it is, and believe me, I just came back from there, the image is of an organic coop, yoga mats, men with baby carriers, electric cars, gentle soft tranquility lapped by pine trees and firs.

Seattle never worked out for me. I really cannot forgive myself, and blame me.  I failed to make the best of it.  Believe me, I really tried, but I was never happy there, my struggle was endless.  I am responsible.  This is my deficiency and lack of realization.  Sincerely.

But that does not mean that it was also ever really a kind place, or kind to me.  I found it harsh, grinding, deflected, dissociated.  How many thousands of times have I walked by someone, with the normal hello anyone where I come from would give, and someone looks RIGHT THROUGH YOU?  This is the tip of the iceberg, but is my abidding memory. 

Then aggressive driving, the boundless hubris of enormous wealth flowing through all of society from first Microsoft then assuredly Amazon and Starbux, entitlelment with a capital E.  Talented folks?  Yes.  But you could never catch up with any of them, and the good seat was always already taken.  They got there first, bigger, more private, and whatever it was, they sure did not need you in the picture.

Weather?  Gosh, that is the one thing I always loved.  I love the rain, and still do.  I did get to know Tom and Evan, then Robert and DJ, my guru Joy, a wild stint at Wall Street with Morgan Stanley, a eye opening jaw dropping six years at Lowes, and lots and lots of incredible alpine climbing.  Thank you in all these ways.  I did learn to eat healthy, and managed to keep a running practice there, now 42 years in September.  Harsh years?  Yes.  Very.  But good did come, and hopefully appropriately acknowledged here.

Now, fast forward.  I am at great pains not to idealize Portland Oregon, but the simplest version is that whatever Seattle once was, tried to be, or thought it was, there is a lot more of it here.  Some will even say that people here can be rude also, but from where I have been, I will take it.  It is noticably different.  People do say hello, are helpful, and in the public domain, so far I find everyone to be civil to pleasant.

Now I need to find a job. 

Today I sign my lease, move in, and pack up after staying with a client in a trade, 35 hours of consulting work for a nice downstairs apartment in a beautiful home, in a great location, situated in the greenbelt, making new friends.  Thank you Kris and Connie.  You are the best.  Love dk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, you have been through the ringer, and I truly hope you get settled, and I know you will. Best wishes,

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for you.

5:32 PM  

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