Wednesday, April 25, 2007

open note to Yasser Seirwan II: Pulling off to Nowhere

Before I leave bullet chess [0/4= 12 sec to start at ICC so that 2:52 (-) for 40 moves, or 3:32 for 50 moves, avoids silly mouse craze] for my run (believe it or not, far less for fitness—I am a lifelong runner, truly—but to help my sleep), let me note, somehow we had a horrid housing environment a month ago, a slowing economy immanent to occur, an adverse fed, and raising oil.

Now we have China pulling the train, multinational oil to pull the market up, DAX and FTSE pulling, benign long interest rates, a purported neutral fed, M&A craze they say that can go on for a long time (Goldman and Morgan provide what are called, ‘strategic relationships’, ‘advice’ on pricing strategy, and ‘access to markets’, and imprimatur and gravitas and the sanction of their making legitimate vast fees for service…), and

the powers that be such as not only financial Colossae and underwriters and investment bankers, but TMT, technology, media, and telecom all having every incentive to tell us and install belief that all is well again, so they can sell more Pepsi, offer more mortgages, buy the sub-prime lenders cheap but not so cheap as to embarrass their total failure to see it, sell more advertising slots on television, at higher prices. Wew. Too bad the bees are telling us either by toxins or disruptive ELF radio waves or high frequency waves, to their tender sensors, are now making our planet inhospitable to them, so that once pollination stops

we can go into a white death of deforestation, famine, and burn up in a flame of inspired white heat, merging eventually with the Aurora Borealis, which, thankfully, just as Thoreau says:

“thank god they cannot cut down the clouds”, is one big asset that ‘they’ cannot monetize, unless it be fear, in somebody selling movie rights to be made about immanent eco-collapse paralleling social decay and dis-Integration in a hyped up, glamorized spectacle watched indoors in cool theatres eating popcorn.


Blogger likesforests said...

I read the news daily, but I didn't hear about Colony Collapse Disorder until I read your blog. This should be getting more attention, given the potential economic impact.

"Limited occurrences resembling CCD have been documented as early as 1896, and this set of symptoms has in the past several decades been given many different names"

Similar things have happened before, so we probably won't lose all our bees.

"In North America, at least 24 different states as well as portions of Canada have reported cases of Colony Collapse Disorder. There are also cases reported from India, Switzerland and Germany."

I guess in the near future we'll be importing more fruits from Central and South America.

"Honey bees are not native to the Americas, therefore their necessity as pollinators in the US is limited to strictly agricultural/ornamental uses, as no native plants require honey bee pollination. They are responsible for pollination of approximately one third of the United States' crop species, including such species as: almonds, peaches, soybeans, apples, pears, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, and strawberries"

Maybe we could survive without our bees, but I hope we don't have to. Imagine Georgia without peaches, Florida without oranges, and Washington without apples!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

The corporate masters of the world are evil beyond scope of comprehension and their desire for more money, more power, and more control has blinded them to their fate once they have destroyed all of the rest of us. They are fools and so foolish as to be unaware of their stupidity. Is this impossible? Look at the Bushies and other world and business "leaders" and note how these "geniuses" are often caught off guard when their assumptions go awry: "no one before the invasion could have anticipated how badly the situation in Iraq would have gone once we 'liberated' them; logically, they should have welcomed us with open arms and flowers." This is a paraphrase of the Bush administration's explanation for the disaster of Iraq and I suspect the experts will once again claim that nothing could have anticipated or prevented the extinction of bees and our ultimate demise (I believe that many of the same people will try to leave the planet behind in a moon base or in an artificial Earth II project from which they will celebrate their "survival of the fittest" as they watch those unfit slobs at the bottom die off who brought it on themselves anyway (the true hallmark of inherited wealth, power and position is, generally, being so stupid as to be unaware one is stupid: insofar as wealth is equated with intelligence - this is the misunderstanding of social Darwinism that is a convenient truth for those at the "top", such lack of insight into the self is not only self-de structive but can bring the downfall of all of us and of life on Earth.) For such people, the only truth is money.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Pawnsensei said...

Hi there. As promised, here is my post on your blog!

As mentioned in my previous post, I experienced an incident a couple of months ago. I found a spiritual experience in there.

My girlfriend and I were shopping at the mall. We were buying a new refrigerator and making arrangements for the delivery. After we were finished we decided to do some window shopping since we were there already. When we came back to our car we noticed that the doors were unlocked and some of our personal items were gone. We called the police and filed a report immediately. They took a laptop and my backpack with financial information in it.

I had to change my bank accounts, cancel my credit cards, and put holds on my credit reports. Buy new glasses, new backpack, and change the locks on the car.

The spiritual part comes in when I analyzed how I viewed the situation. Normally I would be very upset and violated. Now that I am older I see this situation connecting me forever to my perpetrator. Our lives are now tied together through this incident. He may forget about this incident in a long string of incidents in his/her life, but the karma and energy will always be there.

This has to be true. The universe is always in balance. There is no escaping it.

At the same time, this incident has helped me on my path to letting go of the things that I hold on to. My identity, my finances, my material possessions. What I used to think of as "mine" I am starting to see as "stuff" that I borrow.

So, I am still on my path to finding more harmony.

I wish everyone happiness and less anger.

2:43 AM  

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