Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Giants are coming back to life
Where they'll go
No one knows

For sure, they are all around
Present prescient

They like to play and frolic
Like the large eternal children

They are
All around
Rounding the hidden

Ever present
Here and now
In Magellan's fiery lands

Punta Arenas
Tierra del Fuego
Chile land cold Barren

Bearing bones
Old Ones
Double row teeth

Biting through biting
Winds of ancient times
Before there were men

There are Giants
Waking up, shaking the Earth
Quakes under foot

Changes shifting so silently
Below the din
Human noise makes

Empty chatter to the North
Dying sun sets
Against a supposed rising.

The Giants are here!
Do you hear them?
Can you see?

Robert Jolly Copyright 2008


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